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Varaha Consulting -Marketing Force Monitoring Tool

  Varaha Consulting - MarketingForce application is a smart solution for established/growing enterprises.
  MarketingForce helps Central Controller to plan Marketing Executives day wise activity, monitor and control Sales performance.
  MarketingForce provides powerful Analytical reports enabling sales visibility across the enterprise hierarchy, rolling up from Marketing Executives to C-Level executives      and thereby sharpen market focus.
  The application is built on a highly robust MarketingForce Cloud (pay-as-you-use cost effective subscription model) and Android platforms with offline mode feature.      Easy to use and customizable features make MarketingForce, a key differentiator in rendering best-in-class customer service and enhancing profits for your business.

Marketing Challenges

Marketing Team

  Missing real time updates /notifications about products and offers.
  Poor communication with management or head office
  Bills submission, reporting from field.
  Lack of monitoring
  Lack of technology, No motivation & support
  Communicating about dealer or retailer visits.
  Back&Forth phone calls


  No real time data about the marketing agenta
  No tracking of agents
  Poor analytical reports
  Manual updates about dealers and retailers
  Lack of communication
  Fake Bills & reporting
  Marketing executives attrition



  Ability to comunicate through SMS or Broadcast to the reporting teams.
  Communicate dealer visits or new dealers.
  Effectively communicate about products and offers with the Agent and               Customers.
  Emailing of daily reports.
  Interact with team on real-time, based on their location and context.
  Proactively bring up issues and resolve them.

Real time data

   Report logging directly from field location.
  Provides robust reporting and dashboard functionality
   Mobile devices to help users make information decisions in real time.
  Can get real time information on the price, offers and other details.
  Provides your team with a real-time visual map pointing the location of their       next meeting.
  Submit meeting status directly from field.


  Report to work from anywhere.
  Monitor work progress and measure performance
  All levels of management can monitor their teams from anywhere anytime
  Monitor dealer visits in real time
  Use MarketingForce app as a tool for recognition and rewards to the       Outperforming individuals

Reports & Ananytics

  Daily status reports
  Mileage reports.
  Leave request / Approvals.
  Reports on customer visits
  Various data analytics.