our marketing solutions

We Provide marketing solutions where distribution/retail network involved for the following industries.

  Real estate
  Service Industry

Marketing Force

Marketing force is solution to empower your marketing team to improve sales and efficiency in operations. This brings lot of trust and transparency to the organization.
  Monitoring of the team
  Effective Communication
  Mileage reports
  Manage inventory , sales and payment data
  New customer registration
  Effective customer visits
  Manage Approval requests
  Products and offers
  Various Analytics & reports
  Order Management
  Cutomer Next Visit

Edu Force

  Helps Central Controller to plan deployment/monitor field personnel performance.
  Real time updates /notifications about education campaigns, Govt initiatives and regular periodical pursuing       targeted unschooled children
  Strong/weak performance/follow up area wise - for focused attention
  High Motivation leading to Healthy competition amongst personnel
  On tap advise from educationa/Development officers to ground personnel about changing dynamics of achieving
      results in schools, timely management of school accounts and performance - an indicator wellbeing of the system
  Real time monitoring of field personnel's activity resulting in enhanced employee commitment in Mid day meal       programs, Election duties, Education extension duties of Teachers and allied staff.
  Real-time information of education management, constant follow up resulting in improved interactions with       advocacy groups, NGOs, and Peer groups in finding initiatives to increase school enrolment.